Spannungswandler 24V/12V US ARMY ArtNr.: 002620

Spannungswandler 24V zu 12V

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Batterie Ladungsausgleicher + Spannungswandler 24V/12V  / Battery Equalizer+Converter 24V-12V   


NSN: 6150-01-595-3497

Case New Holland part number 84376515

Navistar p/n 3704134C91

Cooper Bussman, Made in USA

Modell: 21100E00

Output 12V: 100A

Profiqualität aus EX-US ARMY Beständen.

24V input, 12V output.
Primary application is construction equipment,military and commercial trucks.
Maintains battery balance/equalization In dual Voltage battery systems, even when under load.
Thermal overload shutdown, short circuit, over current, reverse polarity and over/low Voltage Protection. Low standby current drain. Optional output Voltage shift terminal is provided to optimize charging systems. Can be utilized as ignition pin. LED Status Indicator displays when producing current.

2433456 R3A3Military Vehicle Parts
21100E00, 3704134C91, 6150-01-595-3497, 84376515, Cooper Bussmann 21100E00

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