Minenatrappe M12 antitank US ARMY ArtNr.: 002621

Minen Atrappe Übungsmine Filmdeko

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Minenatrappe, Übungsmine / training mine anti tank  M12   US ARMY  

gebr. / used

Ohne Gefahrstoffe und Explosivstoffe

Ausbildungsmodell, Übungsmodell, Museum, Filmdeko, Sammlung

Metall, mit Tragegriff, 1953 datiert

Übungsmodel M12 der M15 Heavy Antitank Mine

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M15 mineFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The M15 mine is a large circular United States anti-tank blast mine, first deployed during the Korean War. Essentially, it is a larger version of the M6A2 anti-tank mine, which it replaced. Although the M15 has been superseded by the M19 mine (a plastic-cased minimum metal mine of more modern design), the U.S. retains large stocks of M15s because they are still regarded as reliable and effective weapons. When used against main battle tanks the M15 is primarily a "track-breaker" which creates mobility kills, but has a comparatively small likelihood of causing crew fatalities. However, when used against lighter vehicles such as APCs or unarmored vehicles such as trucks the damage inflicted is much more severe.

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